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Whether you’re using it for your store, home, or a studio set, our Tosco 360 Degree Rotating 8 Layers Shoe Rack makes it easier than ever to organize your shoes while being handily accessible.

You can fit this space-saving unit in the corner of a room and with rotating racks just give it a light spin and pick out the shoes you want to start your day with. It stands with several rotating shelves that give you plenty of room to neatly store all those heels, sneakers, flats, and flip flops in a clean, organized manner that makes your everyday morning rituals much more enjoyable.

They come available in 8 layers that are optimized for any household or store so you can pick the fit that suits your needs. It also comes with 8 leather shoes rack covers which is made with genuine leather material in a stunning camel brown and yellow tone. These leather shoes rack covers  will instantly elevate the appeal of your room's interior.You can use these leather covers as a stylish way to keep the bottoms of your shoes clean and in pristine condition over time.

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  • W770*D400*H(1360-1530)mm, cabinet width 800mm
  • Weight Load: Max 32 kg
  • 8 layers of shoe shelves (3 pairs of shoes on per layer)



  • 8 rotating shoe shelves for ample storage space
  • Durable aluminum plating
  • Fits a total of 24 pairs of shoes comfortably and rotates for easy access
  • Fits in the corner of any room with a modern appeal


Organize all your shoes with our Tosco 360 Degree Rotating 8 Layers Shoe Rack for optimal storage space and order yours online today!

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