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Excel x Speco

The collaboration between Excel Hardware, a leading hardware solution provider, and Speco, a leader in smart hygiene technologies, marks a groundbreaking venture into the realm of sustainable and hygienic hardware solutions

This innovative project focuses on exploring the efficacy of integrating Speco’s eco-friendly technology into Excel Hardware’s stainless steel hinges. The objective is to merge functionality with hygiene, leading the way to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future

The underlying reasons for this initiative are

  • Stainless steel hinges, being frequently touched surfaces, can harbor variousmicrobes, including bacteria, leading to health risks. Prioritizing hygiene in theseareas is crucial for reducing germ exposure and fostering healthier environments.
  • Utilizing Speco's green technology in this context not only promotes enhancedhygiene but also represents a significant stride towards sustainability. This endeavoraims to minimize environmental impact through innovations that reduce the need forfrequent cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals, thereby contributing to a cleanerliving environment.
  • The cleanliness of hardware like hinges significantly affects the overall aesthetic andcomfort of a space. Keeping them in pristine condition enhances the environment,offering a more pleasing and comfortable setting.

The project includes

  • Assessing the surface hygiene of different types of stainless steel hinges before andafter applying Speco’s technology.
  • Determining the effectiveness of the technology in reducing microbe counts.
  • Evaluating changes in hinge quality post-treatment, including texture, color, anddurability.
  • Providing recommendations based on the test results.

Speco's Coating on Stainless Steel

Given the context of the ISSF document and the nature of Speco's eco-friendly, self-cleaning coatings, there's a strong argument for applying Speco's technology onto stainless steel surfaces, especially in hygiene-critical environments like hospitals and food processing plants:

Enhanced Hygiene

Speco's coating could complement the inherent cleanliness of stainless steel, further reducing labor and chemical use for sanitization.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Given Speco's focus on sustainable, plant-based ingredients, applying this coating to stainless steel aligns with environmental and health safety goals.

Long-Term Effectiveness

As the ISSF document indicates, stainless steel's effectiveness does not diminish over time. A durable coating like Speco's could provide additional long-term antimicrobial benefits without the risk of microorganisms developing resistance.


Combining the cost-effectiveness of stainless steel with a sustainable, self-cleaning coating could offer significant savings in terms of maintenance and replacement costs.

Community and Innovation

Speco's emphasis on community and innovation aligns with the need for advanced, sustainable solutions in public health and safety. Their coating on stainless steel could represent a leap forward in public health safety measures.

Our Findings

The test involves a comparison of hinges before and after treatment, focusing on surface cleanliness. A 5-minute curing time was allowed post-treatment before assessment.

 A surface hygiene test kit monitor (LuciPac A3) was used for verification, which has AOAC-RI PTM Certification (License No 051091).

The Comparative Analysis showed significant improvements of93 – 95% deduction in micro-organisms in hygiene post-treatment. Detailed evaluations will provide insights into the effectiveness of the technology on different types of stainless steel hinges.


Bacteria count: 858
The Original state of the joints has a relatively high bacteria count



Bacteria count: reduces by 93%
from 858 to 57 within 5 minutes of curing time


In summary, the application of Speco's eco-friendly, self-cleaning coating to stainless steel surfaces presents a compelling, innovative solution that aligns with the ISSF's findings on hygiene and stainless steel's advantages. It offers an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and durable option for maintaining hygiene standards in critical areas.


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