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Rondana Ceramic Tumbler Holder tumbler holder is an ideal accessory for securely keeping in place fragile ceramic tumblers that may inadvertently get knocked down and get broken. A hook shaped protuberance has a round strip attached to its end within which the tumbler can be placed firmly. The grip is secure and the brittle tumbler can be placed and then retrieved with ease from the holder.

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Stellar features of the tumbler holder:

  • Constructed out of industry grade, high strength stainless steel alloy for longevity and durability

  • Futuristic and classic design with timeless appeal for accentuating the visual appeal of your space

  • Can be installed with ease through one’s effort, standard dimensions make it easy to install

  • All edges have been smoothened to ensure that there are no jagged projections which can accidentally nick the fingers

  • Chrome plating of the surface prevents prolonged exposure to moisture or air to have rusting or corrosive impact on the handle’s body

  • Seasonal variations in ambient temperature won’t take its toll on the shape of the body

  • Unique alloying prevents obstinate dirt from settling down on the handle which eliminates any potential of discoloration or emerging of dirty patches

  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the handle’s body prevents any deformation due to accumulation of unwanted strain

  • Awesome fatigue resistance which keeps the structural integrity of handle intact even after repeated use

  • Abrasion resistance prevents scratches on texture or peeling off of surface plating

  • Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metals like copper and silver kills disease causing germs the moment they settle down from the hands of infected person; no potential of transmission of infectious germs to healthy persons

  • Cleaning can be done easily with damp cloth and brush; running the cloth over the surface wipes off streaks, stains and water blots and keeps the textural integrity intact

  • Fatigue resistance provide exceptional load enduring capability to the tumbler holder


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