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An elegant kitchen accessory that comes equipped with two multipurpose racks. Handy to use and ready to assemble, the racks are versatile and allow stacking of useful items for easy access. The accessory finds use not only in kitchen, but also in washroom or any other location wherein you want to have a structure that assists in stacking useful items safely. The 470mm length is enough for keeping a number of items simultaneously along the rack. It features a clean, simple design made from industrial strength stainless steel that can hold all of your sauces and other cooking essentials in a neat and organized way. The top half is a basket while the bottom half is a flat mesh that juts out at an angle to keep your sauce bottles from falling. It is both efficient as well as handy. It’s also quite easy on the eyes, and will add a classic elegance to your kitchen aesthetic.


Width Depth Height Rod Length
360mm 305mm 365mm 470mm

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