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EXCEL - Handle Metal Rectangle

SKU 297-76 BN
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    A one-time installation service fee for your installation needs, according to the size of your items.

    Original price $150.00 - Original price $500.00
    Original price
    $150.00 - $500.00
    $150.00 - $500.00
    Current price $150.00

Excel has given handles a new dimension. This is apparent from the Metal Rec handle which prides itself of a futuristic and elegant design. The riveting handle sits flush with your cabinet and other doors. The sunken panel at the centre offers sufficient grip for the fingers. Lack of any jagged edge eliminates the potential of nicking your fingers accidentally.

The zinc alloy construction and brushed nickel finish imparts unparalleled reliability, durability, strength and aesthetic value to the handle. The nickel coats the body of the handle consummately. This prevents any metal loss due to rusting or corrosion. The industry grade alloys used for manufacturing the handle render it sufficient strength to endure the strain that accompanies constant rough usage.

The lustrous handle is available in two size variants; one is 9.5 mm long and the other is 128 mm long. The dimensions of the handle are standard and compatible with doors and cabinets commonly used. Installing the handle is an easy affair and can be carried out on your own without requiring the paid services of a handyman. The handle perfectly aligns itself with escutcheon plate that you may consider installing on the door to prevent soiling by dirty fingers.

The self-disinfecting alloy content added to the zinc renders the handle immune from disease causing bacteria and other microbes. Often, microbes from the fingers of malaise affected person settles down on the handle when touched. The same get transmitted to healthy person who subsequently touches the handle. With our metal rec handle, this is not even a remote possibility. Germs don’t get to thrive on it and get killed instantly.

The price of the handle has been kept competitive to ensure that you can afford the same easily without constraining your wallet. Maintaining the handle is easy. A damp cloth gently run over the body of the handle drives dirt away. 


  • Item Code : 297 BN, 297-76 BN, 297-96 BN
  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • Finish : Brushed Nickel
  • Size Available : 297-76 BN : L92.5mm x W32mm x H10.5mm (C.C 76mm)
  • 297-96 BN : L128mm x W38mm x H11mm (C.C 96mm)

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