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Vintage 2 way tap prides itself of streamlined design and ease of access. With two swivel taps located at the top and side of the tap, maneuvering the same is a breeze. You can easily switch between col, hot and normal waters by just turning the taps on slightly. Designed to conserve water and energy, these new generation vintage taps would double your kitchen’s productivity.

The tap is available at jaw-dropping low price. The product would be shipped to your destination without any charge. Order now before the stocks run out.

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Delivery Period: Estimated 3 Working Days

APPROVED under WELS - 2Tick
Water Consumption:3.40 liters/min

Stellar features of the tap:

  • Approved by WELS 2.0 Tick, the hallmark of plumbing excellence

  • Solid brass construction with impeccable chrome finish

  • Easy to grip swivel handles provided at the top and side of tap for ease of access and maneuvering

  • Water Consumption optimum at 3.40 liters/min

  • Spout strategically positioned to allow optimum water flow

  • Next-gen spring mechanism that allows you to turn on and off the tap easily;

  • Eco temperature cartridge for offering anti-scalding protection

  • Flow direction can be easily adjusted with ball jointed aerator

  • Long and sleek arch necked tap with silicone aerator to prevent lime build-up for easy cleaning

  • Easy installation with flexible and durable hose

  • Inherent anti-bacterial quality that does not allow contamination of the taste and odor of water

  • Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver ensures that disease causing contagious germs don’t get transmitted from an ailing person to healthy user through contact with the tap

  • Anti-abrasive property keeps the natural sheen and texture of the tap intact by preventing the appearance of scratches or dull patches even after repeated use

  • Electroplating of the surface safeguards the constituent metal from undergoing corrosion or reduction even after prolonged exposure to moisture

  • Exception load enduring capability keeps the structural integrity of the tap intact and prevents it from getting deformed

  • Proven water efficiency that helps in conserving water by preventing any leakage or dripping

  • Compatible with vanity basins, sinks and other stylish kitchen accessories

  • Comprehensive warranty to protect against manufacturing defects and other malfunctions


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