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Verona hand shower is an optimal blend of convenience and style. The eclectic looks, sleek design, and contemporary embellishing confer on the hand shower its own unique personality that makes your bathroom glow with a newfound glamour quotient. The shower accentuates the atmospherics of your bath with its attention grabbing looks and makes your bathing experience maximally enjoyable. The drizzle emanating from the shower won’t give you a pricking sensation; instead it would rejuvenate every pore of your skin and uplift your drooping energy levels.
Order this competitively priced hand shower now and enjoy soul rejuvenating bath.

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Delivery Period: Estimated 3 Working Days

Salient features of the shower:

  • Shower body constructed out of high quality industry grade brass and other metal alloys
  • Durable, reliable, effective, and designed for longevity
  • Round shape of the shower head and even distribution of sprinkler pores allow water to be streamed on your body evenly without causing any discomfiture
  • Smooth and sleek cylindrical handle allows you to grab the shower conveniently by applying minimal pressure
  • Chrome plating on the body prevents the shower from experiencing metal loss or corrosion even after prolonged exposure to moisture
  • Electroplating under controlled factory ambience makes it literally impossible for the chrome coating to be peeled off; rest assured the glistening looks would never fade away
  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the body allows the shower to endure pressure easily and it won’t get deformed due to fatigue
  • Optimum adjustment of the spray setting for condensing the water volume into fine droplets that gets propelled by compressed air pressure for producing enjoyable water jet
  • Higher sprinkle pressure effortlessly delivered without requiring any change in the water flow level
  • Advanced pressure chamber designed for optimum shower water force
  • Pleasurable bathing experience allowing each pore of the skin to be cleansed easily
  • Strategic design that optimally complements the curves of the body for convenient washing



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