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  • Wardrobe
  • Non-Soft Closing
  • Wooden Door



  • Material: Aluminium
  • Installation Method: Door on inner side
  • Max Door Weight: 50kg
  • Max Door Thickness: 20mm
  • Thickness: 30mm (Single Track), 18mm (Double Track)
  • Place of manufacture: China
  • Features: Easy Installation, Smooth, Choice of Track, Affordable

Excel’s sliding door wheels have heralded a new level of exalted performance that would eliminate all your bitter experiences with short-lived and poorly functioning wheels. If you have been maintaining sliding doors, you know pretty well that the wheels on which the door slides tend to give away upon consistent usage. This compromises the performance of the door apart from causing great inconvenience to users. Further, getting the door wheel mounted frequently makes it structurally weak which takes its toll on the useful life of the door. Sooner or later, you have to reinvest in a new door just because the door wheels failed to perform optimally. You can get rid of all such nightmares by just dishing out S$9. The sliding door wheels from the renowned brand ‘Excel’ can seamlessly endure the strain induced by continuous use and perform unwaveringly for protracted period. You are going to reap rich dividends by spending only a few bucks on these robust wheels. The support structure on which the wheel is embedded is made from aluminium and other alloys for sustained performance even under harsh operating conditions. The wheel itself is manufactured from hardened plastic with rubber blending. This ensures that the wheel can flexibly bear the door’s weight and distribute the deforming energy along the entire paraphernalia for extended useful life. It is a real asset that is worth investing in. The strategic design of the wheels assures that they are compatible with all standard sliding doors that are in use. The process of installation is easy and can be pulled off expeditiously in hassle free manner. An instruction manual accompanies the door and carries information on installation process. The performance of the wheels would definitely lift your spirits. Gear up to experience peerless performance that you have not come across till date.


◇ Set Includes:


Installation Diagram:

** Single Track – Required drilling of hole to screw in

** Double Track – No drilling required, direct screw in

** Wheel – Drill a hole and drill in



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