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Rose overhead shower is an eclectic bath fixture that offers optimum bathing pleasure with its strategic water ejection mechanism and aesthetic looks. Relax under the rejuvenating shower of revitalizing water droplets to become charged up once your energy levels have started drooping.

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Salient features of the shower:

  • Circular shape with conspicuous silicone nozzles to ensure uniform ejection of water droplet stream for optimal bathing experience without wastage of water

  • Higher sprinkle pressure effortlessly delivered without requiring any change in the water flow level

  • Advanced pressure chamber designed for optimum force of water ejected by shower

  • Constructed out of industry grade, high strength brass and stainless steel alloy for durability, reliability, longevity and maximum utility

  • Chrome finish on the surface prevents metal loss due to corrosion, rusting or reduction even after prolonged exposure to moisture

  • Helps in conserving water by offering fulfilling bathing sensation through its strategic shape that makes it possible for drenching the body optimally within seconds

  • Lightweight due to presence of high quality engineering grade plastic ABS which renders it easy to mount and install the shower without leaving any scope of twisting, cracking or deforming

  • Silicone nozzles prevent dripping or leakage of the showerhead by sealing the pores impenetrably after the faucet knob is turned off

  • Nozzles and shower can be cleaned and maintained easily by periodically mopping the same with non-acidic cleansing liquid readily available in market

  • Compatible with features like water and air jets, whirlpool bath etc.

  • Seamlessly complements the hue and style of bathroom tiles and ceiling design

  • Offers pleasurable bathing experience allowing each pore of the skin to be cleansed easily

  • Small diameter drill holes are sufficient to fix the shower in its place

  • Comes with iron clad guarantee of replacement in case of any manufacturing defect


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