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This eclectic shower bar with adjustable hand shower holder is compatible with hand showers and bidets that come installed with 1.5m hose. The bar can be mounted on the wall for ease of use and access. The sleek, futuristic and minimalist looks instantly render it the focal point of your bathroom.

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Salient features of the shower bar:

  • 19mm diameter bar for strength, durability, longevity and optimum usability

  • Constructed out of industry grade, high strength brushed stainless steel

  • Stainless steel and chrome plating on the surface prevents rusting or metal loss due to reduction reaction triggered by ambient air even after prolonged exposure to moisture

  • Abrasion resistance prevents any eyesore scratches from compromising the aesthetics of the holder

  • Slide bar facilitates users to adjust the height and angle of the shower holder so that showerhead or bidet can be accessed or tucked with convenience by adults and children alike

  • Only 5mm holes are required to be drilled in the wall to mount the bar without causing any cracking or twisting

  • Exceptional load enduring capability and fatigue resistance make it literally impossible for the bar to be deformed out of shape even after prolonged usage

  • No jagged projection is present on the surface which can nick the fingers accidentally

  • Presence of therapeutic metals like silver in traces self-disinfect the bar by killing the disease causing contagious germs the moment they land on the bar from the hands of ailing person

  • Cleaning and maintaining the holder is easy; periodic mopping with non-acidic cleansing liquid would rid the holder of any dirt that may try to obstinately settle on its surface

  • Screws come bundled up with the package to help you install the holder on your own without needing the paid assistance of a handyman

  • Lightweight and conducive to easy mounting on the wall

  • Sophisticated vacuum adsorption technology creates a strong suction within the holder cup to help you secure the shower or bidet with ease

Adjustable shower bar + any hand shower c/w 1.5m hose (19mm diameter bar chrome plated)


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