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Montova Basin Tap prides itself of unique handle design EzTurn and elegant looks. The perfect blend of comfort and style, this tap enhances your kitchen or bathroom functionality with its ease of usage. The stunted shape crafted in solid brass with chrome finish is aesthetic and guarantees top notch delivery. The spout has been strategically positioned to ensure that you have access to sufficient water to wash your hands and utensils without allowing water wastage. The design has been approved by WELS 3 Tick, the hallmark of perfect engineering designing. The inherent water conservation technique optimizes water flow and maintains the same at 2.80 liters per minute. The handle lever can be adjusted for bursts of hot and cold water to suit the ambient temperature and your needs. Installation is easy and cleaning is equally convenient. Energy bills are effectively slashed due to the unique lever adjustments which cause cold or hot water to be ejected at strategic degrees only when you need it. Wiping the tap with a dry cloth would eliminate all streaks and water spots. Abrasion resistance of the surface retains the original sheen of the tap without requiring regular maintenance. Scope of water leakage has been eliminated with intelligent ball jointed aerator. The internal chamber of the tap remains filled with water cache that comes handy when you turn on the tap and get welcomed by a full jet of water. The tap can be connected to the main pipeline with flexible hoses that render installation an easy task. Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver ensures that disease causing contagious germs don’t get transmitted from an ailing person to healthy user through contact with the tap. Inherent anti-bacterial quality does not allow contamination of the taste and odor of water or buildup of lime. Order now and enjoy free shipment to your location.

* Based on Indent *
Delivery Period: Estimated 3 Working Days

Signature Handle Design -EZ Turn
APPROVED: under WELS- 2 Tick
Water Consumption:2.80 liters/min


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