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This long basket enjoys the unique distinction of being the longest removable brass basket available in the market. The dimensions of the basket are 450mm length, 135mm width and 80mm height. The rectangular shaped basket with two rounded edges has a strip running all along the circumference. From the strip, parallel cylindrical bars emanate and end across the body of the basket. The spacing between the bars has been kept optimal to ensure that items can be safely stocked within in. Two closed hooks, one projecting in top direction and another directed downwards, have been provided to ensure that you can hitch the basket at your desired location for ease of access and storage.

Order this eclectic basket now and enjoy an increase in your productivity at kitchen effortlessly.

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Delivery Period: Estimated 3 Working Days

Stellar features of the basket:

  • Robust construction out of industry grade, high strength brass for durability, efficiency and longevity

  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the body ensures that the basket bars don’t succumb to the load mounted within the basket and structural integrity is maintained

  • Chrome plating on the surface cuts the exposure of brass to water and air; thus preventing any metal loss in the form of corrosion or reduction

  • Load enduring capability of the basket has been tested under simulated factory conditions

  • Abrasion resistant property prevents scratches from appearing on the body which maintains the visual appeal and smoothness of the texture even after prolonged use

  • Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver ensures that disease causing contagious germs don’t get transmitted from an ailing person to healthy user through contact with the basket

  • Price has been kept competitive so that you can afford baskets for your commercial or residential needs without worrying about getting overboard with budget

  • Product is shipped to almost all locations without any shipment charge


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