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Lavanzi bath and shower mixer is really an eclectic piece of advanced engineering. It enhances the utility and aesthetics of your bathroom alike with sophisticated features and classy looks.

The mixer is covered by comprehensive warranty that has been designed to offer you complete peace of mind. Inherent defects and manufacturing flaws would be instantly addressed. The price has been kept affordable and is undoubtedly the lowest in the industry for similar niche products. Order now!!

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Delivery Period: Estimated 3 Working Days

Salient features of the bath and shower mixer:

  • Compatible with all types of bath and shower enclosures

  • Thermostatic temperature control that prevents your body from being scalded or bitten by freezing cold by keeping the water temperature steady; complete immunity from sudden bursts of heat of coldness as switchover is seamlessly carried out

  • Hot and cold water is mixed smoothly for optimal safety

  • Tap and shower options can be easily switched between with the aid of integrated diverter

  • Solid brass body that allows the tap to endure pressure and remain resistant to fatigue or other kind of ageing induced deformities

  • Chrome plating on the surface offers a shiny and sleek texture and keeps the metal from succumbing to the corrosive effect that usually gets induced due to prolonged exposure to moisture

  • Inherent anti-bacterial quality that does not allow contamination of the taste and odor of water

  • Flow direction can be easily adjusted with ball jointed aerator

  • Silicone aerator built with lime-scale for preventing accumulation of lime and to facilitate easy cleaning

  • Easily adjusts to variable pipeline water pressure

  • Inherent pressure chamber keeps the force of ejected water constant despite drop in pipeline water pressure

  • Anti-splash nozzle provided to keep the water flow smooth and uniform

  • Can be easily mounted on wall without harming the texture of your bathroom

APPROVED: under WELS 2 Tick
Water Consumption:6.80 liters/min


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