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IREX - Pneumatic Arm

SKU 521-100N
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This superlative telescopic pneumatic arm from Irex is a state of the art product that would allow you to actuate the doors of cabinets vertically with ease. Manufactured out of superlative quality, high strength stainless steel alloy, the arm is propelled using a pneumatic cylinder. Production of the arms takes place in factory settings that bear Singapore Tuv-Sud-Psb test accreditation committee’s certification. This is an attestation of the sturdiness, reliability, durability, longevity and efficiency of the arm.

The length of the arm is 200mm. To ensure compatibility with a wide array of fixtures and cabinet doors, the arm has been made available in two variants. You can place your order for the arm in two load bearing capacities i.e. 80Kg, and 100kg respectively. The mounting brackets come accompanied with the arm. Superior quality of the pneumatic cylinder ensures that the motile arm is sufficiently cushioned and no lurching is experienced while operating it. After the door has been lifted perpendicularly, the arm locks itself in place and there is no possibility of the door slamming shut. Safety of the user is optimally assured. Accurate gap alignment is facilitated by 3-D front adjustment.

Electroplating of the surface prevents prolonged exposure to moisture or air from having rusting or corrosive impact on the arm’s body. Seasonal variations in ambient temperature won’t take its toll on the shape of the body through deformation. Cleaning of the outer surface of the pneumatic cylinder can be done easily with a damp cloth soaked in mild cleansing liquid; run it over the surface and then follow up with mopping by a dry cloth. Superb fatigue resistance keeps the structural integrity of handle intact even after repeated use. Affordable pricing allows you to procure it easily without denting your wallet. Order now!!

  • Length: 200mm
  • C.C.: 167mm


  • 521-80N: 8kg
  • 521-100N: 10kg

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