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Victorian o-ring handle from Ione would flatter your cabinets, bookshelves and other facilities with doors. The ornate ring is embellished with beautiful designs. The plate with which the ring is attached has also been meticulously adorned. The theme pertains to the Victorian era where the richness of artistic splendour was at its height.

The ring has been manufactured out of antique bronze which heightens the retro look optimally. Behind the ring, subtle padding has been provided which absorbs the violent energy resulting from slamming of the ring on the plate behind. This prevents any damage to the body of the handle and protracts its useful life.

The smooth finish has been industrially perfected. This is immunity from appearance of discoloured patches on the surface of the ring due to repeated use. The abrasion resistance of the ring prevents scratches from destroying the natural charm of the ring. It is bound to redefine your image by helping you make a bold statement of your preferences.

The ring has been provided with a large knot at the centre. It is flanked by two smaller knots on either side. This strategic alignment offers robust grip to your fingers when you clasp the ring. The alloy has been integrated with self-disinfecting metallic traces. This prevents infectious germs from thriving on the ring. Cleaning of the ring is really easy. Just run a damp cloth over its body and follow up with a dry cloth.

The ring has been priced competitively. You can afford it without denting your wallet. The ring is fatigue resistant which implies that wear and tear won’t appear even after prolonged use. Uniform consistency of metal ensures that no part of the ring is subjected to undue pressure which can cause breakage.

Give your doors the much needed facelift with these eclectic rings.

  • Measurement: L126 x W17 x H24 (C.C.: 96mm)

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