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The Qin Knocker handle from Ione is a state of the art product evidenced from its exquisite craftsmanship and ornate design. Manufactured out of brass alloy, the silvery white hue offers soothing calmness to the eyes of the onlookers. The floral design on the escutcheon plate has been delicately carved. The handle would offer rich insights into your eclectic choices.

The handle has been bagged at the rear side, not visible to eyes, to ensure that the floral design on the plate is not damaged due to constant friction. It is compatible with cabinet and other doors. Small diameter holes are sufficient to drive the screws inside the door to keep the handle in place. Incidentally, the screws come packed with the handle.

Keeping the handle neat and sparkling is not a tedious job. Just wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth and then follow up with dry cloth. The alloy of the handle is such that it won’t allow obstinate dirt to settle on it. This ensures that dirty and discoloured patches won’t surface after a period of usage. Further, fatigue induced wear and tear is not even a remote possibility. The use of self-disinfectant metals in the alloy prevents infectious germs from thriving on the handle.

The price has been kept affordable to help you procure it without any cost constraint. Manufacturing of the handle has been done in ISO 9001 complying industry conditions. The consistency of metal all along the body is uniform which prevents accumulation of undue strain on any particular part. This prolongs the useful life of the handle. The standard dimensions of the handle make it compatible with all popular door types. The smooth finish gives a soft feeling when the handle is touched. Installation is really easy.

Knock your way to your destination confidently now!!!

  • Measurement: L50.5 x W20 x H16
  • Finishing: Matt Nickel

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