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The antique ornamental o-ring from Ione glows in its matt nickel finish. It is constructed out of zinc alloy and is 46 mm long, 32 mm wide and 12 mm high. This dimensional configuration renders it compatible with all kinds of cabinet, bookshelf and other doors. The ring is ideal for use with doors having thickness of 16 to 21mm. 5 mm hole is needed to drive in the rivets.

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  • Measurement: L46 x W32 x H12
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Finishing: Matt Nickel
  • Drilled hole diameter: 5 mm

Stellar features of the handle:

  • Cleaning is easy, run a damp cloth gently over the body and then wipe off with dry cloth
  • Refrain from using acidic liquid scrub as it can corrode the metal by triggering unwarranted chemical reaction
  • Prevent unwanted exposure to moisture to steer clear of rusting or metal loss due to oxidation
  • Firm gripping provided at strategic position to ensure your fingers clasp the handle comfortably
  • Proper padding provided underneath the handle prevents any damage to the finish even if the handle is slammed hard
  • Easy to install without any external intervention, screws for installation comes packed with the handle
  • Only small diameter holes are needed to be drilled into the door for installation
  • Abrasion resistant which keeps scratches from distorting the natural charm of handle
  • Fatigue resistant, no wear or tear would show up even after repeated use
  • Dirty, discoloured patches won’t appear on the surface as the sheen has been perfected through industrial conditioning
  • Uniform metal consistency prevents unwanted strain to accumulate on any part
  • Competitive cost easy on your pocket
  • Use of self-disinfectant metals within the alloy prevents disease causing germs to thrive on the handle; this also prevents transmission of infectious microbes to healthy persons
  • Can be used in coordination with escutcheon plates for preventing soiling of the door by dirty fingers

EXCEL - Antique Ornamental Cabinet Knob Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Do not scrub the product surface with acidic or corrosive liquid.
  • Do not change the product pitch, in order to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Please use the product load to avoid the loss of super-negative result is not necessary.
  • Store in a dry location, do not pile up in the damp, cold places, to avoid rusting or oxidation.
Product Advantages:
  • Classical appearance design of the pull handles would be very popular.
  • The pull handles can help you create a stylish and complete look.
  • Made of classical design, the draw pull handles are for a long time use.
  • The drawer pull handles are comfortable for you to hold.
  • Fine workmanship of the pull handles makes sure the handles are perfect for your using.
  • This pull handle is perfect for your shoe cabinet, bookcase, drawer and so on.
Good to know:
  • Each pull is individually bagged to prevent damage to the finish.
  • 1” X 1 pcs installation screw is included.
  • C to C is the center-to-center easurement between the screw holes.
  • Suitable for door thickness 16-21 mm.

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