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Eclectic Mystic Victorian handle from Ione blends the retro look with futuristic design optimally. The zinc alloyed handle with antique look would leverage the appeal of your cabinet, bookshelf and other facilities instantly. The semi-circular ring and the holding plate have been chiselled with finesse. The unparalleled beauty of the handle is bound to grab appreciative eyeballs of the onlookers.

The pull handle is 97 mm long, 23 mm wide and 19 mm deep. These dimensions render it perfect for all standard cabinet types available in the market. The centre to centre distance between holes to be drilled in the cabinet or door spans 64 mm. Only 5 mm diameter holes would suffice. The bottom portion of the ring which would come in direct contact with the fingers has been given a mesh look. This serves to contrast this part elegantly with the rest of the body. Even after repeated use, the sheen would not fade away. No discolouring patches would ever show up on the surface of the ring. You need not fuss about cleaning the ring. Running a damp cloth over the body of the handle would wipe off all dirt that might have settled superfluously on the surface. The unique construction prevents obstinate dirt from settling permanently on the ring. Never use corrosive liquid scrub on the surface as the same may trigger unwanted chemical reaction which can tarnish the bronze.

The self-disinfecting metals have been added in traces to the alloy. This eliminates infectious germs which might settle down from the hands of ailing person and may potentially get transmitted to healthy persons. The ring is abrasion resistant which prevents any scratches from distorting its natural beauty. Further, the metal has been constituted in uniform consistency which keeps the handle from becoming weak over time. Cleaning is really easy.
The smooth finish of the handle conduces to comfortable clasping. Padding at the bottom of the ring prevents any damage to the plate or ring even if the ring is slammed hard. The price of the ring is low. You can afford it without straining your budget.


  • Measurement: L97 x W23 x H19 (C.C.: 64mm)
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Finishing: Antique Bronze
  • Drilled Hole Diameter: 5mm
EXCEL - Cabinet Pull Handle Care Instructions:
  • Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Do not use strong acidic or corrosive liquid scrub the product surface.
  • Do not just change the product pitch, in order to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Please use the product load to avoid the loss of super-negative result is not necessary.
  • Store in a dry location, do not pile up in the damp, cold places, to avoid rusting or oxidation
Product Advantages:
  • Classical appearance design of the pull handles would be very hot
  • The pull handles can help you create a stylish and complete look
  • Made of classical design, the draw pull handles are for a long time use
  • The drawer pull handles are comfortable for you to hold
  • Fine workmanship of the pull handles makes sure the handles are perfect for your using
  • This pull handle is perfect for your shoe cabinet, bookcase, drawer and so on

Good to know:

  • Each pull is individually bagged to prevent damage to the finish
  • 1” X 2 pcs installation screw is included.C to C is the center-to-center measurement between the screw holes
  • Suitable for door thickness 16-21 mm.

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