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EXCEL - V-Shaped Pants Rack

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  • Standard dimensions render it compatible for installation under commonly available shelf or horizontal divider
  • 10 pieces of trousers can be simultaneously suspended
  • Electroplating of the trouser holders render them immune from rusting and corrosion
  • Trouser holders constructed out of industry grade, high strength, superior quality stainless steel
  • Customization of usable width allowed by usage of high quality runners and dampers
  • Dampers provided to muffle jarring sound produced during adjusting the width of rack

This pull-out trousers hanger is top-mounted and fitted under a horizontal divider or shelf, and the hanger glides out on a full-extension slide for easy access. Can hang up to 10 pieces of trousers and can be assembled for right-hand or left-hand installation.









  • Max. Weight Capacity: 30kg
  • Download Installation Manual / Specifications
  • Additional Features

    • The hanging hooks have been provided for ease of use
    • Rack can be assembled in a right or left-handed manner for convenience of access
    • Top-mounted rack wherein the body glides out from under shelf in full extension
    • Moves on hanger rail for ease of pulling out and pushing in
    • Signature white frame running along the top accentuates the visual appeal of the rack
    • Rack can withstand significant weight load & temperature 
    • Well-lubricated and ball-bearing operated runners render the process of pulling in and out the rack easier

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