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EXCEL - Handle Silver Bar

SKU 939-128 BN
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    $150.00 - $500.00
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    A one-time installation service fee for your installation needs, according to the size of your items.

    Original price $150.00 - Original price $500.00
    Original price
    $150.00 - $500.00
    $150.00 - $500.00
    Current price $150.00

The silver bar handle from Excel is a statement making product that would instantly become the focal point of the space. The silver signature styling at the centre would accentuate the appeal of the handle significantly and render it the focal point of your space. In order to ensure the handle’s compatibility with a wide array of cabinet and other door types, it has been made available in three dimensional variants (lengths of 120mm, 160mm and 192mm respectively). The brushed nickel finish adds a lustrous texture to the body and prevents it from the corrosive action of rusting and oxidation even after prolonged exposure to air and moisture.

The handle is fire retardant and can withstand seasonal variations in temperature successfully without getting deformed. Doors of 16-21mm width are ideally suited to these handles. The centre to centre distance between the countersinks vary from 96mm to 160mm. Addition of traces of silver metal makes the handle immune to disease causing contagions which can land on its body from the hands of infected persons and can subsequently get transmitted to a healthy person. The strategic design of the handle makes it perfect for use with a variety of escutcheon plates that can be fixed on the door body to prevent stains from soiled fingers. Electroplating of the handle has been done in controlled factory environment which ensures that the brushed nickel coat would not be scraped off with passage of time.

Cleaning the handle is easy. Just run a mildly wet cloth over its surface and then mop up with a dry cloth. Refrain from using cleaners with corrosive liquid content in them as they can trigger unwanted reaction. The price of the handle is competitive and can be easily afforded without causing your budget to go overboard.


  • Measurement:
    939-96 BN: L120 x W11 x H25 (C.C.: 96mm)
    939-128 BN: L160 x W14 x H30 (C.C.: 128mm)
    939-160 BN: L192 x W14 x H30 (C.C.: 160mm)
  • Finishing: Brushed Nickel

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