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Excel Royale viva blossom handle has been aesthetically designed to accentuate the elegant appeal of your doors and other accessories with which it is compatible. Constructed out of porcelain, the handle makes you reminiscent of beautiful Chinese delicacies that have offered you optimum visual pleasure since long. The handle is composed of three parts. At the centre, rounded and oblong white coloured handle has been provided around which you would tighten the grip of your palms for operating the door.

The white centre carries exquisite floral design that would fixate the attention of the user. On either ends of the handle, brass coloured attachments are present which are to be installed in the door. The entire structure forms a continuum at the centre of which viva blossom design is present. The regal looks of the handle bestows a royal feeling on the space in which it is used. The texture is smooth and soft to feel. The definitive glow reflecting off the surface of the beautiful handle would fill the space with a soft gleam that would infallibly capture everyone’s gaze. The self-disinfecting material alloyed with porcelain prevents disease causing germs from thriving on the handle.

It has been observed that contagious germs settle down from the hands of infected person on the handle and then gets transmitted to others. However, with this handle there is no such scope of infection. The handle is compatible with wide array of escutcheon plates which prevents soiling by dirty fingers. You can procure this eclectic handle at an affordable price. The product is sourced directly from our factory to your home without any intermediaries. Our production plants conform to ISO and other international quality standards. The blossom handle would cause happiness and style to blossom in every place where it would be used. It is bound to be the focal point of the area of usage.

  • Measurement: L128 x W18.5 x H30 (C.C.: 76mm)
  • Material: Procelain
  • Finishing: Color

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