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EXCEL - Handle Nappa Oxford Cherry

SKU 842-64 DNL
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This alluring handle from Excel charms onlookers due to its guileless design. The elegance drips from the simplicity of its design. Two fixtures sit at the ends of the handle and from them emanate a beige coloured tubular structure that constitutes the body of the handle. At the first glance, the handle appears to be chiselled from the bark of a tree. This gives a sense of closeness to nature in the cosy comforts of your home. The body has been constructed out of industry grade metal alloy.

The tenacity and strength of the handle make it last a lifetime. You need not tug at the handle to operate the door. Just a simple pull or push would do the work for you. The simple design makes it easy for you to grip it. Cleaning the handle is easy. Wiping with a dry cloth at periodic intervals would keep dirt away from the body and also allow the texture to retain its original sheen. Remember to keep any corrosive cleaning liquid away from the texture as the same can potentially scar the textural brilliance. In order to enhance the usability quotient of the handle, it has been made available in two dimensional variants.

Just 5 mm holes drilled in the body of the door would keep the handle intact in its place. There are no jagged edges on the handle which can nick your fingers. The body is fatigue resistant and fire retardant. Under seasonal temperature variations, it would not get deformed. Price of the handle has been kept highly competitive to help you afford it without constraining your budget. The handle is compatible with wide array of cabinet, wardrobe and other doors. You would not repent your decision to put your money on this exquisite and futuristic handle.

  • Measurement:
    842-32 DNL: L48 x W15 x H20 (C.C.: 32mm)
    842-64 DNL: L80 x W15 x H20 (C.C.: 64mm)

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