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EXCEL - Garnishry Box

SKU KLS-P11600
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  • Versatile box which finds application in your home as well as jewellery shops
  • Square compartments provided along the body of the box to keep valuables organised
  • Space optimization has been done optimally
  • Can be integrated with wardrobes or shop cabinets
  • Telescopic arrangement allows the box to be pulled in and out of the cabinet
  • Sits flush with the wardrobe or shop cabinet
  • Available in two-dimensional variants
  • Max Weight: 30Kg

Garnishry Boxes Are made up of square compartments designed for easy storage and easy access to your accessories. It now can be built into most wardrobes with a pull-out feature making it more convenient and organized. Simply open your wardrobe and pull it out to store your watches and jewelry.


Width Depth Height

600: 564mm



800: 764mm



Additional Features

  • Constructed out of industry grade, superlative quality alloy metal that is reliable, durable and of high strength
  • Can easily withstand pressure mounted by items like jewellery, watches and other valuables without buckling under the mounting load
  • Fire retardant and can endure seasonal variations in temperature without getting deformed
  • Satin finish that is soft to touch and soothing to the eyes
  • Sleek texture that is factory finished and tested for being abrasion-resistant
  • Convenient to use and keep things in organized manner
  • Consistency of material composition all along the body prevents any undue strain from building up on any particular part
  • Resistant to corrosion even after prolonged exposure to moisture and humid air

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