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EXCEL - Designer - T15-3D Soft Closing Clip on Hinge W/3 Holes MP

SKU T15-3D-V4.0
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$5.00 - $500.00
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  • Adjustable pressure control (Mounting Plate) and 3D Adjustment Function
  • Pressure adjustment capability for soft closing of movable parts
  • Manufactured out of a strong alloy of steel and aluminum
  • Silver plating to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Sea salt spray & durability test approved

Excel’s soft-closing hinge offers optimum flexibility in operating movable units like doors, with top-notch efficiency. Built from an alloy of steel and aluminum, the sturdy material of the hinge renders it a reliable, durable, and sustainable high performer. The hinge comes accompanied with an adjustable mounting plate that can be tweaked to vary the pressure you want to apply on the movable parts attached to the hinge. Designed to perfectly complement demanding conditions in both residential and commercial set-ups, this helps to keep wear, tear, breakage, and premature failure at bay.




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