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EXCEL - Clothes Basket

SKU KLS-P13600
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  • Constructed out of superlative quality industry grade melamine
  • ABS plastic which are hallmarks of durability, reliability & high strength
  • Ability to endure significant load
  • Rack can be adjusted to accommodate the width of your wardrobe
  • Telescopic system track that can be pulled out for full extension of the rack
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 30Kgs

Clothes basket from Excel is an innovative and elegant product that has been designed for optimization of space and to help you in keeping your clothes in a neatly organized manner. The basket can be pulled out which relieves you from the strain of having to bend down to rummage through the basket for seeking out the desired clothes.



Width Depth Height
564mm 477mm 199.5mm


Width Depth Height
764mm 477mm 199.5mm


Additional Features

  • Available in two standard dimensional variants (width 564 mm, depth 477mm, and height 199.5 mm) and (width 764 mm, depth 477mm, and height 199.5 mm) to meet your exact needs
  • Small diameter holes need to be drilled in the container for installing the frame
  • Breather holes provided along the basket to prevent sweating of clothes
  • Consistency of constituting material all along the body prevents any part to buckle under mounting load
  • No scope of any material loss or reduction reaction despite remaining in contact with moisture or humid air for protracted durations
  • Customization of width allowed by usage of high quality runners and dampers
  • Well-lubricated and ball-bearing-operated runners render the process of pulling in and out the rack easier
  • Dampers muffle jarring sound produced during adjusting the width of rack

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