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Elegante Hand Shower E4880T

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    A one-time installation service fee for your installation needs, according to the size of your items.

    Original price $150.00 - Original price $500.00
    Original price
    $150.00 - $500.00
    $150.00 - $500.00
    Current price $150.00

Elegante feels proud to unveil before you its futuristic and modish hand shower designed to take away the immobilizing sloth from your body. The water drizzle streaming out from the showerhead would provide a refreshing bath that would rejuvenate your body and spirit effortlessly. The sleek shape makes it convenient for you to grab the shower and move it all along your body for optimal cleansing and rinsing.

The use of industry grade brass and other metallic alloys render the shower durable and reliable with protracted life. Add glamour to your lifestyle with this competitively priced hand shower.

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Delivery Period: Estimated 3 Working Days

Salient features of the shower:

  • Optimum adjustment of the spray setting for condensing the water volume into fine droplets that gets propelled by compressed air pressure for producing enjoyable water jet

  • Higher sprinkle pressure effortlessly delivered without requiring any change in the water flow level

  • Advanced pressure chamber designed for optimum shower water force

  • Pleasurable bathing experience allowing each pore of the skin to be cleansed easily

  • Strategic design that optimally complements the curves of the body for convenient washing

  • Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver in overall alloy ensures that germs landing on the hand shower from an ailing person is not transmitted to other users as they get killed instantaneously

  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the body ensures that the shower won’t get deformed or bent out of shape even after repeated use

  • Electroplating on the surface has been done meticulously under controlled factory conditions which ensure that the metallic sheen would not become dull with time and the coating would not spontaneously peel off giving rise to soiled looks

  • Coating keeps the shower immune from corrosion, rusting or other forms of metal loss even after continuous exposure to moisture


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