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Ruhens Classic Air Purifier

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RUHENS’ Classic Air Purifier (WHA500), features a 4-stage Air Purification System aims to bring continual clean and pure air to users at home. The Pre filter helps to trap large particles such as dust, hair, pollen, or dog fur which may be too stubborn to clean while the Anti-allergy Filter filters out airborne particles such as influenza viruses and daily odours. This filter deactivates sulphur atom from binding in order to destroy active allergy ingredients in particles. This means users with sensitive or allergy-prone skin can be at ease without worrying of sudden allergy attacks. The Deodorization-filter filters formaldehyde and traps unpleasant daily odours commonly found in shoes, furniture, and pets to keep a pleasant environment. It’s fourth and final filter, HEPA filter traps microscopic particles (0.3um) including bacteria, tobacco smoke, and common allergens such as pollen, mould spores, and household dust.

There is also a Filter Replacement Notification which notifies users when the appropriate filters are in need of replacements. Its air volume settings can also be easily adjusted to fit the desired air volume at any given time. Users can also configure the air purifier’s timer to automatically switch off after a number of hours; this is extremely helpful if there are errands to run outside. There is also an air quality sensor which help to indicate the 4 levels of air quality to users.


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