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Bidet Holder BH-1A

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  • Installation Service Fee

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    Original price
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    $150.00 - $500.00
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    A one-time installation service fee for your installation needs, according to the size of your items.

    Original price $150.00 - Original price $500.00
    Original price
    $150.00 - $500.00
    $150.00 - $500.00
    Current price $150.00

This bidet holder is definitely a piece of creative art. Along with offering optimum utility, it prides itself of head turning looks that are bound to glamorize your bathroom.

This bidet holder is the first preference of renowned architects for prestigious projects. Order now and experience the magic for yourself.

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Delivery Period: Estimated 3 Working Days

Salient features of the bidet holder:

  • Constructed out of alloying of solid brass with engineering grade plastic (ABS) and finished with chrome for optimum durability and aesthetics

  • Adjustable holder that rotates on its pivot to help you conveniently tuck in the bidet in any direction you may please

  • Lightweight and conducive to easy mounting on the wall

  • Sophisticated vacuum adsorption technology creates a strong suction within the holder cup to help you secure the shower with ease

  • 5mm diameter hole is needed to be drilled into the wall to keep the fixture in position

  • Can be conveniently relocated and re-installed which ensures that you can use the shower in your bath tub or anywhere else by keeping the showerhead easy to access

  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the body renders it robust enough to endure load without buckling under the pressure

  • Awesome fatigue resistance prevents it from getting deformed even after repeated use

  • Screws come bundled up with the package to help you install the holder on your own without needing the paid assistance of a handyman

  • Cleaning and maintaining the holder is easy; periodic mopping with non-acidic cleansing liquid would rid the holder of any dirt that may try to obstinately settle on its surface

  • Abrasion resistance prevents the shiny chrome from fading away or the surface coating from getting peeled off

  • Moisture proofing prevents any loss of metal/ plastic due to constant exposure to water

  • No jagged projection is present on the surface which can nick the fingers accidentally


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