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EXCEL - Fiorella Sus304 Permutation Multipurpose Slimline Slabs Pull out Kitchenware Basket

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  • Material and Finishing: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Basket can endure significant load without undergoing deformation
  • Telescopic system operated on runners ease of use with rail dampers to reduce noise
  • Shock absorbent structure with guide spring for jolt free and smooth operation
  • Frictionless rail with built-in, spill-proof lubrication cartridge
  • Stainless steel internal baskets
  • Built with an 18mm front panel thickness to withstand external pressure

The pull out drawer from Excel Fiorella Italian Series is multipurpose and elegant kitchen accessory designed for optimizing space and blending style with work.

Care: Regular cleaning of the trays can be done with a soft cloth and mild cleansing liquid.

Order it now and give your space a distinctive character of its own!


Depth Width Height
440mm 340mm 550mm


Additional Features

  • Shock absorbent structure ensures that brittle objects placed inside the tray are not violently shaken or broken when pulling the cabinet in or out
  • Rail damper muffles any noise produced during cabinet movement
  • Auto lubrication cartridge keeps the rail frictionless and does not allow excess lube to spill off
  • Basket can endure significant load without buckling under the pressure
  • All standard accessories like side panel, back panel, rail, grid etc. come bundled up with the cabinet
  • Countersunk provided at strategic locations to accommodate screws and fasteners
  • Electroplating of the steel structure removes vulnerability to rusting or corrosion induced by prolonged exposure to moisture or other chemicals
  • Temperature resistance and fire-retardant qualities ensure that the door and base are not deformed during temperature change
  • Comes bundled with standard accessories (eg. side panel, back panel, rail, grid and more)
  • Regular cleaning of the trays can be done by mopping with soft cloth imbued with mild cleansing liquid

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