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Rondana Thick Plain Lip Paper holder is an elegant toilet accessory that makes stacking of toilet paper functionally elegant. The toilet paper can be dangled from a rectangular hook. A metal sheet attached to the hook serves to conceal the toilet paper and render the fixture visually appealing. The strategic body shape is strategically designed to accommodate the paper roll with causing any slippage or inadvertent dismounting from the holder. The body has been constructed out of superior quality, industry grade stainless steel which can endure constant pressure and still remain firm. The surface has been chrome plated to provide a visually appealing sheen. The plating allows for easy cleaning of the holder with dry paper for removal of streaks, stains and water blots. Maintaining the holder in its original glory is easy and effortless. The holder can be attached to the wall with a single support. Extensive drilling is not required which keeps the integrity of the wall intact. Abrasion resistance of the surface retains the original texture of the holder without causing scratches to spoil the attraction quotient. Chrome keeps the inner surface immune from the reduction reaction induced by constant exposure to water and air. Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver ensures that disease causing contagious germs don’t get transmitted from an ailing person to healthy user through contact with the paper holder. Uniform consistency of metal all along the body prevents deformation of the holder under the weight of the paper roll. The price is competitive and lowest in the niche segment. You can order multiple numbers of paper holders to add glamour to your kitchen, washroom and other spaces. Shipment is available to almost all locations at zero cost. Coloseo paper holder would immediately render itself the focal point of the area after installation and complement your eclectic lifestyle with its show-stopper looks.

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