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Performa blister bidet set ejects water at blistering pace to cleanse your body parts comprehensively. The entire set consists of bidet adapter, squeeze trigger and flexible hose along with installation fixtures.

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Grade A Tuscani Hose (Extensible + Anti-Twist + Double Lock + HDIT Inner Tube + TUV Testing) (Designed to withstand High Water Pressure, Suitable for Bidet Spray Use)

Advantages of Performa blister bidet set:

  • Bidet Constructed out of industry grade, superior quality, high strength stainless steel and brass

  • Addition of engineering grade ABS plastic renders the bidet lightweight

  • Optimum projection of the bidet makes it convenient to tuck into any wall mounted holder conveniently

  • Flexible hose featuring a blend of industrial rubber, plastic, and melamine with chrome plating ensures that cracks or cuts won’t appear even after repeated use

  • Factory treated silicone nozzles cut off the supply of water as soon as the squeeze trigger is released which implies zero wastage of water due to dripping or leakage

  • Higher sprinkle pressure effortlessly delivered without requiring any change in the water flow level

  • Advanced pressure chamber within the bidet adapter designed for optimum sprinkle water force

  • Optimum yet controlled water pressure allows for complete cleaning of the anal region and genitals without causing an excess of water to run off

  • Presence of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver in overall alloy ensures that contagious disease causing germs landing on the bidet adapter from an ailing person are not transmitted to other users as the microbes get killed instantaneously

  • Strategic design that optimally complements the curves of the body for convenient washing

  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the body ensures that the shower won’t get deformed or bent out of shape even after repeated use

  • Electroplating of chrome on the brass surface has been done meticulously under controlled factory conditions which ensure that the metallic sheen would not become dull with time and the coating would not spontaneously peel off giving rise to soiled looks

  • Chrome coating keeps the shower immune from corrosion, rusting or other forms of metal loss even after continuous exposure to moisture


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