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  • Manufactured out of industry grade superlative quality steel alloy for unparalleled strength, endurance, longevity and reliability
  • Implementation of advanced Clip-on technology allows for mounting and removing of door fronts with ease and swiftness; tested and proven
  • Accurate gap alignment facilitated by 3-D front adjustment
  • Compatible with doors of variable thickness
  • Suited for wardrobe and kitchen cabinet doors

This soft closing hinge with an adjustable mounting plate has been crafted with finesse to ensure that your cabinet doors open seamlessly. State-of-the-art engineered parts within the hinge work in perfect tandem to convert heavy kinetic energy into a soft force, allowing a smooth door closure.


Width Depth
35mm 10mm


  • Opening Angle: 100°
  • Possible drilling distances on the door (K): 3-7mm
  • Range of door tickness: 14-24mm (Inset C: 18.5)

Additional Features

  • Innovative technology optimized to improve efficiency, functionality and durability
  • Different degrees of cranking of hinge arms 
  • Unparalleled flexibility is offered while connecting hinge cup, mounting plate and door panel for fulfilling your diverse needs
  • Screws needed for installation comes bundled with the product
  • Usage of door streamlined through convenient three dimensional cam adjustment
  • Door opening in any desired direction facilitated by strategic hinging
  • A gentle push on the door would spontaneously propel it open or close without straining your muscles
  • Helps in overcoming space constraints
  • Easy adjustment of height and side related alignments
  • Certified by Singapore Tuv-Sud-Psb test accreditation committee
  • First preference of renowned architects and high profile interior designers for prestigious projects

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