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Rondana Glass shelf is a versatile accessory that facilitates keeping your trivial items organized at one place with relative ease. The shelf is made up of industry grade, high strength glass which is sufficiently thick to endure the load of the items placed upon it. The shelf is held in place by two supports at its either end. The supports jut out from the wall and can be installed easily. Only 5-10mm of drilling is required to fix the supports in place. To prevent items from toppling down the shelf, a protective barrier has been provided at the front. The barrier has a cylindrical bar that runs along prominent part of the shelf as is supported by two upright studs fixed in the glass slab. The supports have been constructed from superlative quality stainless steel. Load bearing capability of the supports has been tested under simulated factory conditions to ensure that supports don’t succumb under the mounting pressure of the items placed on glass shelf. Chrome plating of the surface of the supports prevent prolonged exposure to humid air or water from taking toll on the structural integrity in the form of corrosion or metal loss. The abrasion resistant quality keeps scratches from spoiling the natural sheen of the texture of supports or glass shelf. The shelf is fixed on the supports immovably and it would never topple down and get shattered. Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metal like silver ensures that disease causing contagious germs don’t get transmitted from an ailing person to healthy user through contact with the shelf’s support. The price of the glass shelf has been kept competitive to facilitate you to procure it in large numbers without burning a hole in your pocket. The shelf can be shipped to any zip code at zero fees. Order it now!!

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Rondana Glass Shelf R7GS

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