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EXCEL - Shoe Rack

SKU KLS-P19600
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$238.00 - $238.00
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  • Standard dimensions compatible with all wardrobes
  • Double racks for more shoes in limited space
  • Shoe holders constructed out of industry grade, high strength, superior quality and stainless steel
  • Single extension system operated by ball bearing embedded runners
  • Electroplating of the shoe holders to prevent from rusting and corrosion
  • Rack can endure significant load without buckling under the mounting pressure


  • Installation Service Fee

    Original price $150.00 - Original price $500.00
    Original price
    $150.00 - $500.00
    $150.00 - $500.00
    Current price $150.00

    A one-time installation service fee for your installation needs, according to the size of your items.

    Original price $150.00 - Original price $500.00
    Original price
    $150.00 - $500.00
    $150.00 - $500.00
    Current price $150.00

Saving space to feel more spacious is a smart way to go. Shoe rack from renowned brand Excel is a marvel of modern engineering that helps you in keeping your shoes in shipshape manner. The runner-operated rack can be pushed inside a cabinet or wardrobe after use. Designed for space optimization in cost-efficient manner, the shoe rack is a must-have for all contemporary homes and offices.


Width Depth Height
564mm 465mm 165mm


  • Max. Weight Capacity: 30Kgs

Additional Features

  • Moves on hanger rail for ease of pulling out and pushing in
  • Milky white body finish for optimum aesthetical value
  • Signature black frame running along the top accentuates the visual appeal of the rack
  • Withstand seasonal variations in temperature and would not be deformed
  • Telescopic system operated on track that can be pulled out for full extension of the rack
  • Sleek finish that is soft to touch and pleasant to look at
  • Rod can be extended to desired amount as per need and then can be tucked in to save space
  • The rack sits flush with the wardrobe
  • Customization of usable width allowed by usage of high quality runners and dampers
  • Well-lubricated and ball bearing operated runners render the process of pulling in and out the rack easier
  • Dampers provided to muffle jarring sound produced during adjusting the width of rack

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